Barbarian The traditional, tribal barbarian does not exist in this setting. Barbarians here are simply warriors that have taken a different focus in their fighting style. Including incorporating their tempers into their fighting style.

Bard: The true jack of all trades. In this world the bard uses int for spells, can cast any arcane spell from certain schools and is not limited to spells with a vocal component

Cleric Clerics have a very personal relationship with their god of choice.

Druid Druids are unchanged.

Fighter Fighters are unchanged.

Monk Monks are unchanged.

Paladin Paladins may come in both good and evil varieties.

Ranger Rangers are unchanged.

Rogue Rogues are unchanged.

Sorcerer: See the DM if you wish to play this class.

Wizard Wizards are unchanged.

In addition, some or all of the extra classes may be allowed. Ask the DM.


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