Magic -- skill check

In this variant, characters can cast spells as skill checks if they run out of the allotment for the day. Doing so can be dangerous, but may save the day as well.

All spellcasting classes gain 1 extra skill point per level.

All classes gain the following skill:

Spellcasting skill: (int/wis) (arcane/divine) Trained only: With this skill you can cast spells. You may cast the spells you have from class levels and high atributes without making skill checks. If you have spells from high atributes but not from class levels you may cast these with out making checks, up to the highest level you can cast – see knowledge (arcana) below. Once these spells are cast you may continue to cast spells by making a spellcasting check. Check results: if you succeed you cast the spell, the DC of the next spell at that level you attempt to cast increases by 1. If you fail, you take nonlethal damage = to the spell level.

DC 10 for 0 lvl arcane, DC 12 for 0 lvl Divine. DC is +5 for each level beyond 0. See page 121 of sword and sorcery’s advanced players guide.

Please note that you still need 10+spell lvl in the relative ability (int/wis) to learn and cast a spell. You also still need plenty of rest to regain spells.

Spontanious casting: Any spell your character could normally swap out prepared spells to cast spontaniously may be cast at a +2 to any spellcasting check required to pull it off.

Wizards spell specialization: specialization results in an extra spell at each level and a +2 to spellcasting checks to cast spells of your choosen school.

Knowledge(arcana), Knowledge(religion): if you do not have access to spells via your class (or do not start with access to said spells) the highest level of spell you can cast is ½ your rank in knowledge(arcana) for arcane and knowledge(religion) for divine.

Note: This does not allow you any class provided spells to cast before making skill checks.
Note: If you do not put ranks in this, but you do in spellcasting, you may still learn and cast 0lvl spells

Feat: Born of magic [general]
You may use your chr for (arcane) spellcasting. You determine bonus spells via chr. Also spellcasting is a class skill for you. You gain +4 inherient bonus to spellcasting. You may now use spellcasting untrained.
The highest level of spell you may know and cast is ½ your character level – 1.
Special: May only be taken at first level

Feat: ease of casting [general]
Prerequisites: born of magic, chr 12, spellcasting 6 ranks
You gain a number of spells you can cast per day before making a spellcasting check equal to your charisma bonus. You may assign these to any spell level you can cast but no more than 1 may be assigned to your highest level.
Special: May be taken more than once.

Magic -- skill check

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