Important changes to monsters


Dragons in this world are different than standard. They are have less smarts and more strength. They do not retain the standard metallic/chromatic breakup. They also have different auras than standard dragons.


The following changes affect all non-native outsiders.
All non-native outsiders are souls. They gain the incorporeal subtype (and the incorporeal special quality), Possession, Attune body, Generate body (limited to bodies it has attuned).

A summon spell will generate a body for the creature automatically, however the outsider that arrives via portal finds it’s self in the ethereal plane. They then must possess something to interact with the world.

Elementals, as a subgroup, normally possess a source of their element and form a body from that.


There are several changes that affect vampires. Clan: vampires may be subject to clans with special powers. Immunity to detection: a vampire is immune to detect undead cast by many casters (it takes a powerful caster to root them out that way).

Were-wolves and other Lycanthropes

Changes to Were creatures is still ongoing.

Important changes to monsters

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