Creating a character

Creating a character for Steam fire has only slight differences to creating a standard pathfinder character. Please note that the

Ability scores

Generate ability scores based on the point buy system. Use the table, ability score costs on the pathfinder srd web page for the cost of the ability scores. Use 20 points for generating your ability scores.
Link: Ability score costs


In addition to the standard races in Dungeons and Dragons, there are several nonstandard character races available in this campaign world. Please note that each race has it’s own accent. Also note that some races may not be welcomed into some lands and communities.
Character Races


The standard classes are available, although there is some modification.


Please note that since Pathfinder and 3.5 are compatible, 3.5 feats that have not been updated to pathfinder are allowed. If a 3.5 feat has been updated and it is drastically different from it predecessor, the original may also be allowed. check with the DM.

In addition to the standard feats a character gets at first level, a character also gets the following. One feat that can only be taken at 1st level and 2 traits (as per the pathfinder rules).
Pathfinder Feats
Pathfinder traits
Steam Fire Traits


The only new skill is the spellcasting skill if that house rule is in effect.

Hit Points

Maximum for the first four levels. 75% after that.


Starting characters may only choose Spells that appear in the core book.

NOTE:In some eras of the Steam Fire universe, spell lists are less important. Check with the DM to see if more spells are available than the standard.

Advancing the Character

Here is a link to the table for character advancement after 1st lvl.
Pathfinder Character Advancement

Creating a character

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