Character Races

Character Races

The world has many different races. The races that are available change depending on the era in which the adventure takes place.
Note: this page represents what is available for play during the “Classic” era.

Standard Races

All the standard races are available for players to choose from.

Dwarf: Dwarves speak with a Russian accent.

Elf: Elves speak with a Japanese accent.

Gnome: Gnomes speak with a Yiddish accent. In this world they have carved out a niche as bankers, jewelers, and craftsmen.

Half-elf: Half-elves choose which accent to speak with.

Half-orc: Half-orcs choose which accent to speak with. Note: Orcs speak with a Klingon accent.

Halfling: Halflings speak with a Gaelic accent.

Human: The human language (common) is represented by English.

Other Races

In a world with so many races, it should come as no surprise that some of them decide to take on the life of mercenaries, treasure seekers, or heroes. This section is broken into races and templates.


Changeling: A changeling has a doppleganger in their family history.

Drow: Good aligned Drow are a rarity and they may be found in adventuring groups. Drow also speak with a Japanese accent (corrupted?)

Genasi: Genasi have an elemental outsider in their family history.
Air Genasi ‘Slyph’: Elemental air ancestory
Earth Genasi ‘Oread’: Elemental earth ancestory
Fire Genasi ‘Ifrit’: Elemental fire ancestory
Water Genasi ‘Undine’: Elemental water ancestory

Half-ogre: Are a cross between ogres and humans. They most often speak common (English).

Planetouched: Humans with an outsider in their family history are plane touched
Aasimar: Celestial ancestor
Tiefling: Fiendish ancestor

Warforged: This race is special. Playing a warforged requires approval from the DM to play.


Fey touched: The character had a fey ancestor.
Fey touched

Half Doppelganger: Originally seen in dragon magazine.
Half Doppelganger

Half-dragon: This option is special. The parent dragon is chosen from the list of dragon types available in Steam Fire.

Half-Janni: Janni are only found in desert regions. They are genies that are native to the prime material plane.

Character Races

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